David's short film DAD JOKE, a comedy drama commissioned by the BFI & Film London, premiered at the BFI London Film Festival and was nominated for Best British Short at the London Short Film Festival. David was then selected to adapt it for television through the 2020 Edinburgh Talent Lab, and in 2021 the series was picked up by Eleven (Sex Education, Red Rose) where it is currently in development.


In 2021 David’s debut feature CHAMPIONS, a coming-of-age sports movie centred on the sport of Powerchair, was selected by the BFI for their Early Development Fund, through which it will be developed through Spring 2022.


Also in 2021 David was selected for Directors UK's 'Inspire' scheme. This year-long programme will see him shadow Alice Seabright (Sex Education, End-O) as she brings her debut original series 'Chloe' (BBC/Mam Tor Productions) to the screen, and will support the development of David's own debut original series 'Dad Joke.'


Working in both comedy and documentary, David tells stories which are hilarious and hard-hitting, ridiculous and raw.